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tool materials and gas pressure regulators and all kinds of gas equipment with gas distribution system installation services, gas leak detectors and all kinds of gas equipment service installation of gas distribution system, liquid system (liquid system) and gas pipe line supply system in hospitals

provide office maids hospital maid - hospital cleaning maid a housekeeper in a sterile facility trusted by paolo hospital, phayathai nawamin, chularat hospital, chaloem phra kiat building 80, siriraj hospital, thanyarak institute and many other hospitals.

bags wholesale, red infectious waste bags are used as bags for infectious waste from covid-19 patients. and red trash bags for hazardous waste toxic-contaminated waste such as fluorescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, flashlight batteries, mobile batteries pesticide-chemical cans infectious waste from hospitals

household vacuum cleaner office vacuum cleaner vacuum cleaners, clean rooms, lab rooms, vacuum cleaners, hospitals, industrial vacuum cleaners, dust mites on planes vacuum cleaner, backpack floor scrubber, floor scrubber, concrete floor scrubber polishing machine, floor scrubber, floor scrubber, floor

service fill the pool with water water supply work event songkran concert, movie shooting in bangkok and surrounding areas   water supply vehicles o2 water 2020 bangkok water supply vehicle, water supply service, swimming pool, hotel, condo, apartment, water supply, shopping malls, schools, hospitals

siam elevator and technology rep elevators moscow on koyo sales, after-sales service and spare parts  • elevator mark mayo (koyo passenger elevator) with both glass elevator glass strip for elevator buildings, offices, hospitals, hotels, condominiums, apartment house. mall  • design

commercial building construction contractor to shopping center projects mall hypermarket community mall tall building construction contractor condominium construction hotel construction construction of hospitals and high-rise office buildings construction contractor for indoor sports buildings theater

been a service and care provider of passenger elevators, elevators, escalators, moving walkways for more than 25 years, received a values ​​award for safety in 2017 by tesco lotus and has a cumulative performance until 2019. 500 units in a shopping mall building office building residential buildings, hospitals

therefore train our staff very well. everyone has experience and intelligence. to make vip-level people feel at ease, safe and comfortable 24 hours a day. there are also other security guard services such as security of industrial plants, warehouses security of the office, company security of hospitals