Business Type

fortune marine co., ltd., a new container shipping service provider. dry container rental and container refrigeration with a contract manufacturing of second hand containers processed into a mobile office. containers, offices, shops, guard offices, shipping services. container with trailer truck and

termite control services with herbal extracts for schools, temples, government offices termite control service get rid of the rice moth - the rice butterfly insect destroys plants with natural extracts. non-toxic for rice warehouses, barns, flour warehouses, grain warehouses.

, warehouses and buildings with stainless steel, aluminum, steel or zinc materials.

urgent cargo send bulk products, send long distances, receive both round trip and return cargo. all types of legal freight forwarding services pick up goods from the airport or from the port. receive products from warehouses - warehouses or factories. pick up the product at any designated point. service

a steel structure fan. propeller made of steel, propeller size 30”, 36”, both direct and belt type. use motor 1 hp 900 rpm and 2 hp motor 1,400 rpm. red leaf fan, wall mounting, size 12 "to size 36", used in ventilation or ventilation applications. machine heating in the factory ventilation in the warehouse

รับจ้างปาดเจียรเหล็ก บางบอน รับปาดเหล็กด้วยเครื่องปาดผิว รับตัดเหล็กตามขนาดด้วยเครื่องเลื่อยสายพานตัดเหล็ก เครื่องตัดเหล็กแผ่น เครื่องตัดเหล็กด้วยแก๊ส ตัดตามขนาดและตามแบบที่ต้องการ     บริษัทขายเหล็กกล้า บางบอน จำหน่ายเหล็กเกรดพิเศษทำแม่พิมพ์งานเย็น-งานร้อน เหล็กกล้า special

- warehouses - logistics distribution centers.

factory construction, warehouse, warehouse, steel structure (steel structure construction contractor) build factories, steel structures, build warehouses, build warehouses. electrical system, plumbing system, fire extinguishers. amphoe mueang rayong, eastern seaboard industrial estate, amata, eastern

design, installation, cargo lifts, cargo lifts for use in factories and warehouses crane inspection company, check, test load, test system for crane factory ready to issue por.phor.1 by engineer sells lifting chains, 2-leg, 3-leg, 4-leg chains and eye hooks sell ​​a set of wire rope lifting

manufacture of heavy-duty industrial steel racks for warehouses and warehouses. install storage racks - parts storage racks - equipment storage - mold storage racks steel pipe racks, spare parts racks, raw material racks storage systems of all types or other unloading equipment production of booths