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hotplate welding machine metal shelve welding machine butt welding machine designer, manufacturer and distributor metal plating, plastic coating, edp coating   metal plating, plastic coating and edp coating process lines, scr coating and switching model lines for metal part, automotive

production of automotive parts copy part supporting machine repair work making fixture jig. we provide jig fixture design services according to the needs of customers.

automotive gear oil brake fluid automotive grease consulting services and advice on the selection of lubricants, lubricants, engine oil and grease to suit the type and type of work to maintain engine and equipment durability, long service life, reduce downtime and maintenance costs we have

metal plating, zinc plating, stainless steel plating services zinc cr+3 surface coating service zinc nickel surface coating service.

destroy hard disk destruction of electronic media, cds, tapes breaking molds and auto spare parts for the automotive industry breaking molds for producing automotive parts breaking press mold, breaking injection mold destroy car body parts, destroy parts that do not pass qc.

we are ready to see the page. with plastic delivery service in bangpoo industrial estate, bangplee, praeksa, thepharak, bang bo, bang pla, bang sao thong, bang chalong, king kaew, rachathewa, bang na, trat, sri chorakol, romklao, ladkrabang, bangchan, suwinthawong, nong chok, bang nam priao, bang wua

service for removing fins, grinding, grinding, sharpening, deburring chonburi rayong windbreaker automotive parts electronic parts remove the fins remove the burr. sheet metal stamping process and removal of metal fins from aluminum injection injection (aluminum diecasting). and zinc diecasting) with

(polyethylene) to be made thick and hard.suitable for packing heavier products.because it has special featuresis very cushioning, waterproof, anti-moldalso able to produce anti-static designindustry suitable for useis the automotive industryto help prevent the product from bumpingor broken.

manufacture of spare parts, press die components & die parts to support the automotive parts manufacturing industry.

nationwide delivery service please contact paisan chemical ltd., part. 034-410-481-2 fax 034-410-489 or contact khun prana sae loo 089-8160564 id line: bbjungko or 0898160564