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Selling Ribbons- Thermal Transfer Ribbons (TTR) for barcode printer also wax, wax-resin and resin. The ribbons can print all paper, label, clothing and plastic material. We customize size by order and quantity, Reasonable price with quality from Japan. Welcome wholesaler and retail.

Fabrics, Plastic Cloths, Lace, Button, Ribbons, Threads, Polyester, Knitting Yarn, Tailoring & Craft Materials.

stainless steel guard rail inside the building stainless steel railing for exterior building mahanakorn building project is designed to be surrounded by 3d ribbons or pixels as a whole glass building. created by architects of the bureau ole chearen group wood grain aluminum facade, brown aluminum

Safety body harness) Pole climbing belt Safety lanyard Safety rope with a surge protector (Absorber lanyard) Rope with loop and hook, hook loop, protective sleeve and fall protection Surge reducer, anti-fall hoist, rope hook Lifting equipment Lifting Sling (Lifting Sling) Polyester Flat Sling (Ribbons

Safety Equipmen,  Head Protection   Safety Helmel,Proguard Advantage,Visor Holder,Faceshield Visor,Visor Bracket Eye Protection   Dust Goggle,Chemical Goggle,Safety Spectacles,Welding Goggle    Ear Protection  Ear Plug,Ear Muff Filter,Filter Spasciani


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