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we have a team of engineers and technicians contracted m & e system rayong design and installation of electrical control systems rayong design and installation of industrial piping rayong installation of utility systems for industrial buildings, apartment buildings, hotels, apartments, rayong

• the company installs fire alarm system or fire alarm system and install fire pipe. fire protection system (fire protection) clean room design and installation • air shower (air shower) • clean rooms, sterile rooms • air humidity control room hvac system installation installation contractor

, philips, electrical control cabinet, control cabinet, ritto, nan, denco, kjl, switchgear, outlet and plug. clipsel, b-ticino, panasonic, american denki, meikosha electrical contractor design, prachin buri electrical system installation control system for machine control system control motor, air

., ltd. manufacturing and installation industrial conveyor conveyor line (industrial conveyor line) material handling equipment finished goods for storage and transportation. automation system in chonburi factory • conveyor system conveyor belt conveyor • overhead conveyor • conveyor belts scrap

design and installation of fire extinguishers. automatic fire pump system for industrial plant building high-low warehouses, hotels and places where firefighters may be damaged may be damaged. to be protected from all types of fire. with the installation of the pump system to be correct according to

pump air-conditioner scale elimitor on boiler split type air-conditioner vfd & hvac controller energy saving equipment ect, according to hvac system if you are seeking a whole-system solution to your climate control needs. whether the premises are domestic, commercial, industrial

maker and installation, control pump panel, ahu control panel, blower control panel.

equipment in the water supply system commissioning check the performance of the entire system. training for use and maintenance of personnel before delivery complete with maintenance after pm delivery, control and management by expert engineers design and build a water supply system from surface water

factory crane, electric crane, electric hoist, electric crane, crane, warehouse, lift, freight, calculate, design, build, assembly, installation, inspection, maintenance, parts sales design, install industrial cranes double girder crane or double girder crane for lifting heavy objects used

) from the inverter generator convert direct current (dc power) to ac power install electrical control equipment switch board cabinet (switchboard) control of the generator in conjunction with ats (automatic transfer switch controller) and fire pump control cabinet installed dynamic ups system in case