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safety focus control and view by professional engineers. quality check keep the job before delivery. contact company coring concrete & concrete cutter : 0-2591-3255, 08-1620-5960 k max group co., ltd.


บริการงานตรวจสอบ ปรับปรุง แก้ไข ซ่อมบำรุงระบบสุขาภิบาลในโรงงานอุตสาหกรรม

we are a professional contractor for cutting, grooving, grooving, concrete, all projects of the project. drilling and cutting we have tools. steel scraper in concrete to find the right and safe place. in practice, we have a plan. to get quality work completed the target in time. on the basis of safety

residential buildings, apartment buildings, dormitories low rise low rise hotels commercial building commercial building shop we have engineers, foreman, construction worker. and complete construction tools. we have been supplying electrical system, plumbing system, air conditioner, sanitary system

is the construction engineering system installation providers by team of experienced engineers and technicians service works are for government and private business our scope of works included construction of buildings factories warehouse and installation of electrical plumbing & sanitary and

Solid Intertek Co., Ltd. provides a total waste water plant in the wastewater treatment plant. Communities and factories Both private And government jobs Design & Consultation for Design & Consultant for Installation of Wastewater Treatment System Wastewater treatment system And factory wastewater