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Product Keyword :  Automation
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Company Profile

  • Originally established in JAN-2016
  • Environmental Test Chamber sale and service
  • Environmental Test Chamber Provide for service, design, install, repair, upgrade,

Modify, relocate, preventive maintenance program, calibration, spare parts and training

  • Custom-made for Environmental Test Chamber and Refrigeration system
  • Electrical main feeder, MDB, DB and Electrical parts
  • Chiller and Cooling Tower system, water piping system
  • RO, DI Water system

Service Team

  • Our Product support Group offers complete engineering and technical support,

prompt emergency services, tooling, spare parts


บริการออกแบบ ติดตั้งระบบออโตเมชั่น (Automation)

บริการออกแบบ ติดตั้งระบบออโตเมชั่น (Automation)

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