Business Type

mage rolling machine taiwan used to thread the nut with various hydraulic system.

we sell buckets to leading companies in thailand such as chemical plants, oil, food, canned fruit, canned pineapples, etc. 1,000 liter ibc for rent, steel tank for events buying used steel buckets old oil tank, 200 liter tank used, used plastic bucket. old oil socket samut prakan accept auction for

and negative ions) filter aids salt washing resin (pure salt) chemical cleaner (chemical cleaner) acid and powder solution (acid, cleaning solution and powder): for washing steel and boiler in a steam boiler (boiler) cooling tube and cooling tower heat exchanger metal surface cleaning agent

manufacturers of stainless steel used for temples, pavilions, such as altars, lamps, stainless steel candelabra with oil lamps, stainless steel. steering wheel hanger stainless box design, manufacture, install stainless steel structure decorate the building. stainless steel fabricated according to drawings

for pipe work in industrial plants, pipe work, x-ray, steel work production used for assembling machinery, system work, including steel structure work structural steel work piping in industrial plants get a work piece from all kinds of steel and stainless steel.

steel handle 1 year warranty.

hire to cut-fold the iron. cut a truck, passenger bus and fold the iron pickup truck side. dump side panels, steel end caps, fender rails, trucks, buses contracting for folding door rail, lower rail, upper rail, blind rail, steel frame, pattern steel sheet used with large sliding doors of factory warehouses

tank, glue mixing tank, chemical mixing tank, color mixing tank beverage mixing tank tank in vacuum system temperature controlled chemical storage tank, oil tank, pressure tank, large tank moving tank containers, trucks, trailers, caps, sedimentation tanks, sediment storage tanks or all types of tanks used

water tank high quality water tank manufacturer water tank in village water supply steel pipe various types of steel tanks. oil tank heavy steel pump raft steel filter tanks for the production of steel tanks according to the department of mineral resources. water filter used to filter raw water to

spray spray on the head. mig welding is used to clean the mig gun welding stains.