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steel wire mills co., ltd. steel wire mills, steel wire mills, cold drawn steel wire, prestressed concrete wire. all steel wire mesh. steel wire mesh support for the construction of reinforced concrete products. pipe band. pond. concrete pipe. pillar made of steel. concrete floor wire for wire mesh,

concrete slab prestressed concrete slab is prestressed floor plank type, width is 35 centimeters, thickness of slab is 5 centimeters, wire size is 4 millimeters, number of wires is 4-8 lines, length can be manufactured according to customer requirements. able to support live load (lived load) 150-1500

pre-stressed concrete girder pre-stressed concrete slab box-girder i-girder plank-girder

Jaws are wire retainers. Strand is used for prestressed concrete work. (Post-tensioned) Guide, Block, Anchor device. Anchor set is made of high strength cast iron. With holes for wire clamp (Strand) Using Jaws as a handle, Bar Chair is used as a support base.