Business Type

factory machine shop importing high quality machinery at a cheap price selling imported machinery electrical tools and equipment, machine parts, cutting machines, drilling, polishing, stamping, welding, welding, good quality, cheap price, selling both retail and wholesale price industrial machinery

de point, a land reclamation company, chonburi, rayong, chachoengsao, samut prakan, with ready workers. there is a full range of soil filling machines available.

thermometer, moist testing, wind s speed test, the equipment for efficiency test of burning / water / light / voice / dust / toxic. continuing analytical gas machines, flow rate-testing machines, pumps for keeping the examples of air and dust. comparing service for testing machines and outside testing

Import and distribute high electricity equipment, electributing hoses systims, equipment & electric's lines cutting system,high electricity joints,electrical meters 3 phases and SP6 testing gas machines.

ug-8 governors, woodward gas engine, actuators woodward & regulator.

ผู้ติดตั้งแก๊ส NGV, LPG ผู้ตรวจแก๊ส