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Water vending machine

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Rayong coin operated water dispenser
Sale and installation service Water vending machine With up to 8 filtering steps

PP5 Micron filter (coarse filter)
Helps to deal with the impurities that are suspended in the water. Small size, contaminated with water such as dust, sand sediment

PP5 Micron filter (Coarse filter) 2nd layer
Helps to deal with the impurities that are suspended in the water. Small size, contaminated with water such as dust, sand, sediment, layer 2, to ensure the filter and help extend the filter life

Compressed carbon filter filters the color, odor, organic matter, pesticide and chlorine. Including the ability to handle heavy metals, lead And copper as well

Rasin filter
Helps trap limestone and helps reduce water hardness

IN LINE SIDIMENT filter 2.5 x 12 inches
Is filtering the impurities that are suspended in the water Small contaminated with water

MEMBRANE 150 GPD filter
Use the method of tissue through MEMBRANE by filtering as small as 0.0001 microns

Helps to change ionic charges To remove limestone stains And release the charge that is sodium To reduce the hardness of the water, improving the taste of the water

10 inch CARBON BLOCK filter
Is a compressed carbon filter that removes color, odor, organic matter, insecticides and chlorine Malicious doorbell possible The points can be eliminated. Heavy metals are lead and copper.

Blue Water Rayong Co., Ltd. has a team ready to take care from choosing the right coin water dispenser model Have a truck delivered to the installation place Including ongoing after-sales care services So customers can be confident that Coin operated water dispensers bought from us will be used. And generate revenue for you in the long run.

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