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Toray fabric

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Wholesale shop of cheap Toray fabric, Bangkok
Sell ​​Toray fabric to wear comfortably. Very good ventilation Because it absorbs a good amount of sweat, is a thin fabric, easy to care for, suitable for cutting clothes, uniforms, uniforms, school uniforms, uniforms, aprons and hats

Lertwanit Textile Shop With express delivery service in Bangkok and its vicinity
Sellers of clothes, wholesale and retail prices, Toray Lertwanit textiles, Bangkok Textile
Shop location: 1010 Mangkorn (Sampeng), Samphanthawong District, Bangkok
Contact number: 02-622-4521, 02-224-5886, 081-819-2850, 087-052-0522
Fax: 02-224-5886

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