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Thermal energy meter Superstatic 440+Supercal 531+Temperature sensor Distributed by Belim Main features Superstatic flow sensors are optimised for the measurement and calculation of energy consumption in cooling and heating systems. They are also extremely well suited to use purely as volumetric flow meters for various media. – Interchangeable measuring head – Comprehensive range 1...1500m3/h – Purchase and maintenance costs are reasonable compared with other static flow sensors. – Corrosion resistant materials – Threaded and flange connection – No straight sections necessary up to DN40 – No moving parts, therefore no wear – Not sensitive to dirt – Durable – Can be installed anywhere – Common spare parts 1...1500m3/h – Dynamic range 1:25 for qp 800...1500m3/h 1:50 for qp 40...400m3/h 1:100 for qp 1...40m3/h – Direct pick-up of voltage pulses – Measurement irrespective of medium – Long-term, stable, accurate and reliable measurement, even if water quality is poor. Ordering When placing an order for energy meters you must indicate the normal flow used for heating or cooling and mounting place (supply or return). Integrator The Supercal 531 integrator is suitable for connection with Pt500 temperature sensor pairs with 2- or 4-conducting wires techniques. Volume inputs can be combined with mechanical, magnetic-inductive, ultrasonic or fluidic oscillators flow sensors with a maxi- mum nominal flow rate of 10,000m3/h. The factor of the pulse value is defined in the flow meter unit. The volume input value is defined when the unit is produced. The additional pulse inputs allow the connection of hot water, cold water, gas, oil and electricity meters. Consumption values can be read easily on the LCD display or via the M-bus. Power supply module The power supply of the Supercal 531 - AC 24V 50/60Hz Communication module Built-in M-bus module. Data storage In case of power failure, the Supercal 531 has two non-volatile EEPROM for extensive data safety storage. In both EEPROM the data is updated every hour. The first non-vola- tile memory is located inside on the printed circuit board of the relevant calibration and measurement part of the integrator and stores the following data: – Parameters of the integrator and configuration parameter – Cumulated energy – Cumulated volume – Customer’s specific tariff – 15 monthly values – 32 maximum values – 32 average values – Two set day – Cumulated energy or volume on the set day – Operating hours – Date and time – MET serial number (integrator upper part, calibration and measurement part) – Pulse value of the flow meter The second non-volatile EEPROM is located on the printed circuit board in the integrator base part and stores the following parameters: – MIO serial number (integrator base part, printed circuit board) – Identification number and customer number – Pulse value of additional meters 1 and 2 – Cumulated values of additional meters 1 and 2 – Unit of additional meters 1 and 2 – M-bus address – Baud rate (M-bus) – Pulse value of the pulse output – Parameter setting of the analogue outputs – Alarm and threshold value This EEPROM ensures a smooth exchange of the calibration and measurement relevant part, without a new entering of the configuration of the communication.

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