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Pvc plastic apron

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Pvc plastic apron factory
Pvc Plastic & Pvc Apiproducts Factory Hygiene Apron

PVC plastic apron, plastic bib PVC Waterproof Apron Both full and self. There are many styles and colors to choose from.

Plastic apron Plastic bibs have a variety of colors, such as white, dull white, blue, opaque, green, purple and so on.
Bi-plastic apron with hole
Plastic apron No eyelets Back strap There are no other materials except eyeglasses. No fungus
Hygiene Apron (Hygiene Apron) Easy to clean and dry. Food Processing Industry General industry cold room
Wholesale plastic sleeve Plastic Arm Sleeve (Arm Cover), Blue Sleeve Armband, Violet Blush, White Dull White, etc.
All products use high quality raw materials. Plastic frame is not broken easily. Resistant to hot and cold environment. Have a certificate
All products are petty protection.
Plastic apron factory pvc wholesale price with express delivery service for manufacturers. Bangkhae Industrial Estate Bangplee Bangkhae Bangkhae Bang Khae Bang Kruai Chachoengsao Kabin Buri Prachin Buri Pathum Thani Nava Nakorn Nakhonsriaen Nakhonsithammarat Nakhonsithammarat Nakhonsithammarat Nakhonsithammarat Samut Sakhon Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Nakhonsithammarat Thonburi Theparat Bangbak Bang Saphan Bangsaotong Bangchakong King Kaew Rama 2 Nongkham Bangkok Huamark Nonthaburi Sai Noi Bangbon Samkhok Lat Bua Luang Lat Lum Kaeo Khlong Luang

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phone number : 0-2319-2541, 081-647-5035, 081-400-8904
Location of Factory: 393 Soi 3 Pattanakarn, Suanluang, Suanluang, Bangkok 10250

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