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Oki rubber boots SC160

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Steel boots SC160, steel reinforcements at the head of the shoe (OKI).
Manufacturers and wholesale SC160 Oki rubber boots (inner fabric lining Reinforced steel head) 15 inch height, waterproof rubber boots Oki chemical protection (OKI) and Oki high-heeled rubber boots are manufactured by Press vulcanized system, leak-free. Antistatic Highly safe for use. Rubber boots manufactured with modern machinery. Press Vulcanized system without leakage or leakage. Reinforced iron at the head of the shoe

Wholesale rubber boots, steel head, model SC160, 15-inch height, OKI Safety shoes, manufacturers of iron-toe shoes or safety shoes, steel-head Oki is a quality safety shoes TIS 523-2554, including suede safety shoes. Ankle boots men and women wearing and covering heel. The rope has very good flexibility, tensile strength, abrasion resistance, solution resistant, petroleum resistant, concise, good waterproof, water does not seep.

OKI has been doing business for over 26 years, being distributed throughout the country and exported to Asia, Europe, and America. Manufacture, exporting under Asian size feet standards. British, French, American people. By producing safety shoes, high quality factories at reasonable prices, our Oki shoes are not only sold in Thailand. But has been exported to neighboring countries for sale And has been distributed in many countries Further reinforcing the quality of safety shoes, shoes, booths under the brand "Oki" of Thailand with international quality

Interested in ordering a rubber boots, steel head, SC160, height 15 inches, Oki
Contact number: 0-2413-1035, 0-2455-4126-8, 0-2801-2387, 09-1194-3858
Factory Location: 89/3 Village No. 4, Petchkasem, Bang Khae Subdistrict, Bang Khae District, Bangkok 10160


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