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Brand :  ICON
Product Keyword :  OVERBELT MAGNET
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These magnets are designed to be hung above conveyors. To be used to efficiently extract scrap from the raw materials that have been passed on the conveyor belt. Which has a slide tray to draw metal scraps and scraps from the machine For easy cleaning, this type of magnet is widely used in mining, chemical, glass, sugar, lumber, etc.

And what is important to know about this type of magnet is its efficiency from its use. It is not measured or compared with flux density, but it measures usability. At the height of the suction only Because the type of magnet is suitable And correct to use is type (Ferrite)

This is because ferrite magnets, although their strength is approximately 1,500 - 2,000 Gauss, they have special properties that can be attracted over long and deep distances. The magnet (Neodymium) has a strength of about 4,000 - 5,000 Gauss, which may initially be viewed as having double the suction strength than the (Ferrite) magnet, but the magnetic attraction of (Neodymium) is short. Than the type of (Ferrite) is very much if compared by creating the Overbelt Magnet up to 2 Set. In size or Size that is exactly the same, using Neodymium and Ferrite in doing 1 Set. And when used in actual use, the magnet Neodymium type, it is unable to absorb iron at a distance higher than that of the magnet (Ferrite) is the same as the labor cost. But instead has a higher cost of production

Simply stated and summarized Is the magnet type (Neodymium) is suitable for the type of work It is placed so that raw materials flow through, impact or direct contact with a magnet. But not suitable for the type of work that needs to be hung or hung over the material to suck up the iron.

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