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Get a brass gear

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Made of brass parts, brass thread, Saha Fueang Engineering
Various gear manufacturing plants Bite big gear Down to the gear, produce and repair all types of gears, such as cogs, gears (Gearing), straight gears (Spur Gear), bridge gears (Rack Gear), ring gears (Internal Gear), straight pinion gears. Gear out, oblique (Bevel Gears), bevel gear, pig spur with axes, differential gear (Differential), gear (Gear train), oblique gear (Helical Gear), herringbone gear (Herringbone Gear), worm gear (Worm Gear), spiral gears, spiral gears with hardened metal surface service

Gear Metal fabrication Both cast iron Steel shaft and lump And producing parts for repairing industrial machinery, agricultural machinery, engine parts Boat machines with work pieces from standard machines such as turning (milling), milling (milling), holemaking (Boring), polishing (Honing), metal planing, metal cutting, jab

Wheel milling or design and production Ordering gears - various types of parts of all types, ranging in size, both small - extra large.
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