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Product Category :  Surveyors-Land
Product Keyword :  Contruction Survey
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In support of construction activities, the surveyor obtains the reconnaissance and preliminary data which are necessary at the planning stage. During the construction phase, the surveyor supports the effort as needed. Typical duties of the construction surveyor include;

  • Determining distances, areas, and angles.
  • Establishing reference points for both horizontal and vertical control.
  • Setting stakes or otherwise marking lines, grades, and principal points.
  • Determining profiles of the ground along given lines (centerlines and/or cross-section lines) to provide data for cuts, fills, and earthwork volumes.
  • Preparing large-scale topographic maps using plane table or transit-stadia data to provide information for drainage and site design.
  • Laying out structures, culverts, and bridge lines.
  • Determining the vertical and horizontal placement of utilities.

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