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Industrial vacuum cleaner, stainless steel vacuum cleaner.

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Industrial vacuum cleaner, stainless steel Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner for large industrial use. Medium and general size The chassis is stainless steel, durable, not rusty with a good plastic. Extremely durable, it visually shows the amount of dust and liquid inside.

Suitable for use in industrial plants, where there are dry dust and wet dust. Motor 1 - 3 heads, the chassis is made of stainless steel, durable, not rusty. All motor 1 year warranty.

Typhoon 432 motor 1,200 watts, 220 volt power. Compact design suitable for general purpose. Can enter the narrow channel is good, durable, not rust.

Typhoon 463 Power 2-3 motors (motor switch) Motor 2,400-3,600 watt 220 V power. Suitable for medium to large industries. Durable stainless steel can be attached to the nozzle.

Typhoon 678 Power 2-3 motors (separate switch motor) 2,400-3,600 watt motor 220 volts. Suitable for medium to large industries. Durable stainless steel body can be attached to the suction head.

Typhoon 480P Vacuum Pump with Water Pump The 2,400-watt motor has a pump that works with the suction motors. Stainless steel, durable, non-rusting capacity, especially dedicated to water suction. Suitable for all types of industries, 80 liters capacity.

Kerstar KV 15/1 Small Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Powerful motor 1,000 watts 9 liter capacity Long service life. The chassis is corrosion resistant stainless steel. High temperature switch, light weight only 9 kg.

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