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Outdoor slider
Outdoor slider factory Slides and playground equipment With over 25 years of experience, we are happy to give advice. Suggesting to buy a slider that is suitable for the customer's use, the slider is considered as a favorite toy for children. We have both steel and plastic, which can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Cheap price and focus on safety
As we are a direct outdoor slider manufacturer Allowing customers to buy products at a price from the manufacturer. Don't have to go through the middleman Able to choose to design or color to match the needs And we produce ourselves in every step Focusing on children's safety is important. Choose steel materials Strong plastic Supports weight well Use 100% child-safe paint, Non Toxic, withstands UV light and Power Coating with a heat temperature of 200-280 degrees Celsius.

After-sales service
Outdoor slider Our products are guaranteed. Including spare parts for repair work, improvement, as well as for the addition of players in the future

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We are happy to give advice, help with outdoor slides. With the customers fully So that customers can choose a play field that matches the actual use Use the budget exactly as needed In order to give customers the best We have a large group of customers from all over the country. Including installation work arrived in Japan The passing of work from Japan has made us able to fully communicate with our customers about our standards.

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