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Calcium Hydroxide

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Calcium Hydroxide Lime

CAS No .: 1305-62-0

Formula: Ca (OH) 2

Synonym (s): hydrated lime, slaked lime

Other names: Calcium hydroxide

Grade: Industrial

Grade: Industrial

Physical description: White powder

Appearance: white powder

Country of Origin: Thailand

Production source: Thailand


CaOH2: 90.0% Min

pH: 12.00% Min

Moisture Content: 2.00% Min

Packaging: 20 kg., PP woven bag

Packing size: 20 kg, PP plastic sack

Application Usage:

- Pulp & paper industry Paper and paper industry

- Flocculants, water / sewage treatment, sedimentation, wastewater treatment

- Food industry, pickled cucumbers / other foods, century eggs etc, pickled cucumber food industry, eggs, horses

- pH adjustment adjust pH


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