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Brand :  Chon Buri 83
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Buy Motor Sale
Chon Buri 83 Co., Ltd. is a company to buy old Chonburi Chonburi antiques company to buy antiques. Move the production base of the old abandoned machine old. Wanted to sell We buy to the front office. We have workers, tools and trucks to complete the job.

Selling old used Chonburi used. Good condition. Tools Industrial machinery of all kinds.
Steel Distributor and Steel Distributor Steel roof steel bar steel round steel bar steel sheet U racks containers office Chonburi
Buy and sell stainless steel tanks, tanks, chemical tanks, tanks, tanks, pressure tanks, metal tanks, tanks, steel tanks, silo tanks, 200 liters tank.
Metal scrap shop Chonburi sell scrap metal scrap metal, such as copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel.
Shop for electrical equipment, old wires, second hand motor. Gear motor Transformer Old appliances, control cabinets Switch Cabinet Lighting Fixture Old air conditioner, water pump, industrial pump, fire extinguisher, second hand battery
Old machine shop Old Machine Sale Old machine from factory Secondhand machine Industrial machinery Lathes, Grinders, Grinders, Grinders, Metal Slings, Chain Saws, Chain Conveyors - Conveyor Belt, Conveyor System Old industrial castors
Office Supplies Buy office furniture, office furniture, second hand furniture, steel cabinet, steel table, chair, filing cabinet, shelves, filing cabinets. Office supplies of all kinds.
Shop for bulldozers, industrial vehicles, buy used bulldozers, used second-hand machines for sale. Automotive Industry Used Forklifts for Sale, Forklift, Forklift, Forklift, Forklift, Forklift Industrial castors
Old machine auction of industrial plants. And the leftover products in the factory. structure of the building Steel Structure Buy an antique. Sales of antique furniture in Chonburi, Chachoengsao, Rayong, Samutprakarn, Prachin Buri

The shop also provides all kinds of industrial equipment.

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