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Wholesale chicken eggs

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Wholesale chicken eggs
Wholesale eggs from the farm "Nisha Kamon Egg fresh" is a wholesale egg shop in Pracha Utid. Eggs, eggs, ducks, eggs, salted eggs, or need egg yolk egg white boiled eggs to retail stores. And wholesale to the neighborhood. We get chicken eggs directly from the farm every day. Ensure freshness. We have selected the standard farm. The system checks and inspects all eggs before distribution.


We have transportation service in Prachautit Suksawat, Buddhabucha, Rama 2, Rama 3, Thonburi side or nearby area. If you visit the store, it has to sell eggs, eggs, ducks, eggs, salted eggs, or need egg yolks, egg white, boiled eggs in a special price.

Introduce the wholesale store of eggs, eggs, ducks, eggs, salted eggs, Prachauthit Naiyakhala fresh eggs.
Phone number: 0-2428-4150, 08-1932-0402
Location: 410 / 261-3 Prachautit 33, Bangmod, Thung Khru Bangkok 10140

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