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Perfume spray

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Perfume spray
Fragrance in the damp cloth, crystal, accelerate evaporate moisture at any time to dry. Especially in the dry season.

Crystal injections are available in three sizes: spray head 250 cc / ref. 1 liter / refill 5 liters, new perfume 20%, spray bottle size is improved. In a clear blue sphere. Equipped with Diamon Shine spray button, one button to touch the soft hand. Pressing frequently does not hurt hands. And a beautiful diamond cover. The product is used for clothing. And the only thing made of cloth. But different from the usual perfume injections. The moisture can be accelerated at any time of drying. Especially in the dry season. It removes the bacteria that cause the smell. The company focuses on the selection of quality perfume in the LONGLASTING grade only in the production. Customers can be assured of the fragrance spread. Long lasting fragrance in a fabric that can not be perfected. Does not cause stains or smudges on the fabric after spraying. There are 7 flavors: Viofresh, Floralfresh, Berryscent, Greeny, Bluefresh, Pinky (Snowy) and can also be used for materials made from fabrics, such as curtains, bed linen, pillowcases, blankets, sofas, fabric car seats. , Rugs and tablecloths.

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