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(lath brush stainless steel wire) model : 108-5 แปรงแถบขนทองเหลือง (lath brush brass wire) model : 108-6 model : 108-3 (lath brush nylon wire) roller brush (model : 109) คือ แปรงลูกกลิ้งอุตสาหกรรมใช้ได้กับอุตสาหกรรมแปรรูปอาหาร ใช้กับระบบลำเลียง แปรงลูกกลิ้งอุตสาหกรรม

General metal lath.

Lath Lath cnc. Machining center Milling Wire cut Edm. Text Mark Welding Assembly Drill plate New Die , Repair Jig & Fixture

Expanded Metal Products, such as High-Rib formwork for concrete, Rib-Lath, Metal-Lath for suspending ceiling 2 Partitions etc., Angle-Bead for concrete coner, Stop-Bead, Walkway and etcExpanded Metal, Hi-Rib, Metal Laht, Mettal, Products, Rib-Laht , Rubber Mould, Liqid for Rubber Mould, Joints, Bearings

wire black steel sheet steel sales for engineering the typical blacksmith, such as flat lines, flat steel, thick steel, steel, round shaft, white shaft, steel shafts. square tons steel hexagonal shaft wire mesh knitting wire mesh knitting coat roof tile roofing smart board dura board with wood lath

features & benefits of expanded metal expanded metal mesh has a diverse range of properties, which makes it so versatile and appealing for many uses and applications throughout a variety of industries. from our aluminium foils measuring just 50 microns thick, through to our heavy duty 6mm thick

General metal lath.

2.3 mm to 3.2 mm sell ​​perforated steel sheet, perforated metal wholesale price perforated steel plate small hole size - large hole, distance hole - hole pattern, various hole pattern such as small round hole, large round hole, square hole rectangle hole straight pattern, zigzag pattern rib lath

- Cylindrical Grinder- Centerless Grinder- External & Internal Grinder- Profile Projector & Inspection- Profile Grinder- CNC Turning- Machining Center- Machining Center & Lath Machine

Lath service,metal pump and every kind of molding both in brass and stainless.