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wire mesh, etc. low carbon steel wire for industrial production such as wire nail, wire rod, wire mesh, fan mask, trolley sleeve, standard quality. stock available for immediate delivery. products

circular cutting machine pipe bending machine wire bending machine, excel machine tech company limited importer, distributor install the machine and provide after sales service with equipment and spare parts durable quality products saving maintenance costs with high accuracy easy to use, not complicated

, plated wire, weave wire mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, square wire mesh, pvc mesh electrical equipment, sanitary ware pipes and fittings pvc-ppr set, shower set, basin taps, taps per shower, sync taps delivery service to the site ready to ship tel. 09-2828-2227, 09-2550-5554, 0-3822-7230

black wire, plated wire, weave wire mesh, hexagonal wire mesh, rectangular wire mesh, chicken wire mesh, pvc mesh neptune wire, iron wire nails, blemishes, screw shot (diver), concrete nails, wood nail nails, galvanized nails, iridescent tiles, metal sheet screws, screws, double spiral drill, wood


factory manufacturer of quality iron wire that has been baked with standard electric stoves with heat making the steel wire binding very flexible not brittle, not easily broken wholesale iron binding wire there are products in stock ready to ship.

bottle, plate store, food court restaurant dish drainer with lid, plastic dish drainer with lid, fork holder plastic lid wicker tray, large cream color, small rattan tray, square and rectangle shape for bakery, restaurant, pastry shop plastic water tank, plastic handle, plastic water tank, handle, wire

ผลิตลวดแรงดึงสูง สำหรับทำแผ่นพื้น

ขายส่ง ลวดสลิง (steel wire ropes)   ลวดสลิงยกของ ลวดสลิงทำหัวสำเร็จรูปต่างๆ ย้ำปลอกอลูมิเนียม ชนิดเส้นเดี่ยว, 2ขา, 3ขา, 4ขา ฯลฯ ตามการใช้งานระบุ ลวดสลิงชุบสังกะสี ลวดสลิงเกลียวเดียว, ลวดสลิงไส้เชือก, ลวดสลิงไส้เหล็ก ลวดสลิงดำ ไส้เหล็ก ไส้เชือก, ลวดสลิงเกลียวละเอียด ไส้เหล็ก