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mechanical press machine hydraulic press machine band saw machine for metal cutting machine. shear cutter, steel cutter, steel cutter can set the cutting length. belt saws are suitable for cutting large and large shafts. the machine is smooth and sleek, and requires precision machinery in the automotive

mold or customers can bring their own mold, either single die, progressive die, punch die laser cutting samut prakan laser cut service, v-cut, cnc v-cut, v cut service processing punching, laser drilling, stencil, pattern, logo, lettering, spare parts on stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass

mixing tank tank in vacuum system temperature controlled chemical storage tank, oil tank, pressure tank, large tank moving tank containers, trucks, trailers, caps, sedimentation tanks, sediment storage tanks or all types of tanks used in various industries such as beverage industry, beer, medicine, food processing

steel sheet, walkway flooring, stair flooring, anti-slip truck flooring sell ​​ss400 black sheet steel size 6x20 feet, 8x20 feet, 5x20 feet, 4x8 feet for technicians, factory technicians, lathes, construction work, truck body construction. laser cut metal processing want to inquire about details of


shop selling stainless steel, less market, wholesale stainless steel lines, stainless steel angle, flat shaft, stainless steel coil, stainless steel sheet, stainless steel round pipe, grade 304, 304l, 316 and 430 sell ​​stainless steel sheets. aluminum sheet brass sheet, galvanized sheet, zinc plated

Distributor Hot Rolled Steel Coil, Steel Plate and Structural Steel. Steel Processing Provide Service Cutting to Length, Slitting Coil, Shearing and Pressing.

chonburi sheet metal processing plant accepting production jobs. outsourcing work. made to order jobs for electrical equipment factories. spare parts, metal work, steel cabinets, metal boxes, provide metal fabrication services as ordered by customers. urgent work. can inquire. lgr industry co., ltd.

coated coat sun-reflector (sunergy clear) reflector and low radiation. natural light planibel g reflectance and low radiation natural light agc glass interior decorating products mirror mirror tis mirrotag lacobel and lacoble t bimetallic acid reflector, matelux wired glass (wired glass) for steel

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