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read) palazzo paper, majestic, avalon, ambassador, ivo, mirage, key colors, pgm, nappkin, naphkin, naphkin , nappin elephant leather, odored paper for printing cards on special occasions paper for office copy paper paper for packaging printing printed paper box, package, paper bag kraft paper,

price tag printing price tag with nylon material, satin ribbon, ribbon label for price tag, price tag, luggage tag, price tag, size s, m, l, xl, xxl bar code label, bar code label, shirt label, leather label behind the pants for garment. can do many sizes thickness for attaching on clothes hangtag badges

pictures or text with beautiful colors. printing is second only to ks paper. it is popular with products that do not require as much strength as ka. suitable for general product boxes such as deli boxes, electrical boxes with color image printing.

Printing Sublimention, on SwimmingSuit, Scraf, Sport Wear) Produce Heat Transfer, Printing on PVC Leather

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