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Carbon Products Machanacal seal for pump bronze casting

,ltd   supplies full range of non-ferrous alloys including brass (c2680 c2600 c2801), copper (c1100 c1220 c1221), phosphor bronze (c5191 c5210), stainless steel (sus301 sus304), carbon steel (sk-5, sk-7, sk85, sae1065) products. we have slitting and cut-to-length services to satisfy customers

carbon steel wire for industrial production such as wire nail, wire rod, wire mesh, fan mask, trolley sleeve, standard quality. stock available for immediate delivery. products

pp net air conditioner filter, car air conditioner filter hepa filter, carbon filter, odor filter for air purifier bag filter media (pocket filter) air filter step 2 for clean rooms, dust-free rooms pre filter, air filter sheet carbon, fiber filter polyester spray media for vapor filter granular

Activated Carbon, Active Carbon, Carbon, Activate Carbon, Activated Charcoal,Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, Palm Shell Activated Carbon

valve, ball valves, ball valves, giacomini ball valves, krombach ball valves, valve valve, check valves, shoritsu, tong yu, butterfly valves, unicom, bray, cmos, obinox, daiphargm valves, plastic valves, fib, safety valves & steam trap, yoshitakae, apollo, control valves steel pipe distributor carbon

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