Golden Hope LP

Category : Expanded Metals

87/111 Modern Town Building Khwang Khlongton Nuea, Khet Watthana, Bangkok 10110
Working Time
Monday-Friday time 08:30-17:00,Saturday time 08:30-12:00
13.73116, 100.58676

Product And Service

Expanded Metal Products, such as High-Rib formwork for concrete, Rib-Lath, Metal-Lath for suspending ceiling 2 Partitions etc., Angle-Bead for concrete coner, Stop-Bead, Walkway and etcExpanded Metal, Hi-Rib, Metal Laht, Mettal, Products, Rib-Laht , Rubber Mould, Liqid for Rubber Mould, Joints, Bearings for Bridg, Construction Bearings