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TYROLIT OLYMPUS CO,LTD was named as OLYMPUS INDUSTRY CO,LTD. Established in 1984 by ‘CHAKSANGCHAICHOT’ family in order to manufacture high quality grade grinding and cutting wheels for domestic and export globally. Our brand are OLP(OLYMPUS) ,NRS (NEW REGISTON) which are supervised technology from NEW REGISTON CO,LTD JAPAN.

In 1998, TYROLIT SCHLEIFMITTELWERKE SWAROVSKI K.G. (A company of the SWAROVSKI group) global leading manufacturers of bonded grinding, cut-off, sawing, drilling and dressing tools from Austria has agreed to jointed venture with OLYMPUS INDUSTRY CO,LTD and changed name to TYROLIT OLYMPUS CO,LTD to be manufacture base and export worldwide.

Meanwhile, TYROLIT (THAILAND) has been established for sales & marketing of TYROLIT, OLYMPUS, NRS, SANWAFLEX, SINBAD, X-PERT, and KRAITONG brand to support variety of these abrasive market in Thailand.

TYROLIT GROUP in Thailand are listed as below




Product Description

We are professional in manufacture of abrasive products of Thailand. We have so many range and size of products Grinding wheel, Bench grinding wheel, Cutting wheel, Diamond wheel, Diamond drill bit, High Precision grinding wheel, Flexible wheel or Flap disc under brand TYROLIT, OLYMPUS, NRS, SANWAFLEX, SINBAD, X-PERT, and KRAITONG. The wheels size can be start from 40 mm to 2,000 mm


Grinding wheel Thailand Manufacturer

  • Grinding wheel for steel

  • Grinding wheel for Stainless steel

  • Grinding wheel for glass

  • Grinding wheel for concrete

  • Grinding wheel for Non-ferrous steel

  • Bench grinding wheel

Cutting wheel Thailand Manufacturer

  • Cutting wheel for steel

  • Cutting wheel for Stainless steel

  • Cutting wheel for railway

  • Cutting wheel for Brick, concrete, asphalt, stone

  • Cutting wheel for Petrol cutting machine

Diamond wheel Thailand Manufacturer

  • Diamond cup wheel

  • Diamond cutting wheel

Diamond drill bit Thailand Manufacturer

  • Diamond dry drill bit

  • Diamond wet drill bit

High Precision grinding wheel Thailand Manufacturer

  • Conventional High precision grinding wheel

  • LAB cut-off wheel

  • Secure cutting wheel

  • Grinding wheel

  • CBN Super-Abrasive wheel

    • Diamond wheel

    • CBN wheel

Flexible wheel or Flap disc Thailand Manufacturer

  • Flap disc

  • Flexible flap disc