Business Type

selling and purghasing steel and used steel wood

old machinery used equipment, good quality, ready to be transported to the factory, negotiable price buying a used lathe buy a used milling machine. buy a cutting machine - folding steel used in all conditions.

used lathe machine (used lathe machine) manual lathe cheap secondhand lathe milling machine milling machine milling machine used (milling machine) selling steel used shaping machine (used shaping machine) sell ​​second hand grinding machine. used cylindrical grinder, round shaft grinding machine

we sell buckets to leading companies in thailand such as chemical plants, oil, food, canned fruit, canned pineapples, etc. 1,000 liter ibc for rent, steel tank for events buying used steel buckets old oil tank, 200 liter tank used, used plastic bucket. old oil socket samut prakan accept auction for

buying used steel: buy all types of steel models, good condition, high prices.

sand rolls number 60-120 can be used for polishing woodworking and polishing metal work. during the first polishing cycle sand rolls no. 150-240 sand is quite fine, used for polishing work that does not require much coarse.

and negative ions) filter aids salt washing resin (pure salt) chemical cleaner (chemical cleaner) acid and powder solution (acid, cleaning solution and powder): for washing steel and boiler in a steam boiler (boiler) cooling tube and cooling tower heat exchanger metal surface cleaning agent

- primer for steel. used for priming steel. increased adhesion of the paint to avoid gliding. film and thinner (activator) chemicals include film spray and thinner blends. for use in cubic transfer to dissolve plastic film to glue to make lines on the film can be attached to the paint.

hire to cut-fold the iron. cut a truck, passenger bus and fold the iron pickup truck side. dump side panels, steel end caps, fender rails, trucks, buses contracting for folding door rail, lower rail, upper rail, blind rail, steel frame, pattern steel sheet used with large sliding doors of factory warehouses

structure fan. propeller made of steel, propeller size 30”, 36”, both direct and belt type. use motor 1 hp 900 rpm and 2 hp motor 1,400 rpm. red leaf fan, wall mounting, size 12 "to size 36", used in ventilation or ventilation applications. machine heating in the factory ventilation in the warehouse