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we can deliver products and services that enhance your brand. stronger paper tube core factory according to customer requirements. custom paper core specialty core we have experts to advise on the right type of paper core type according to the product and production cost. to support the size and

paper box factory and selling all kinds of corrugated boxes paper box according to order get to make paper boxes of various sizes, packaging boxes. for wearing good quality products manufacture of paper boxes, kraft paper, paper crates and corrugated boxes.

for production-design corrugated paper pallets honeycomb paper honeycomb paper filling, honeycomb paper pallet properties similar to wooden pallets, strength structure is a good choice for exporters looking for replacement products for wood pallets that have problems with insects. no need to shower

epe foam epe foam on corrugated paper. carton design that suitable for customers’ products epe foam anti-static epe foam anti-static is epe foam, a soft foam made from polyethylene adding additives (anti static) to have anti-static propertiessuitable for electronic work

., 20 mm. grade b, a wholesale compressed paper (hardboard) for making picture frames making a cover under the fan make a rear cover for the audio system, speaker cabinet, and cover the back of the whiteboard. car insulation pad and furniture and others, size thickness 2.5 mm click here to read

strap 9 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm, for semi automatic strapping machine. automatic strapping machine strapping machine and hand-drive tool plastic clip, iron clip adhesive tapes, adhesive tape, paint tape, pineapple tape filament tape, double-sided adhesive tape, wrinkle tape, water-based adhesive, adhesive paper

oil filter (cartridge oil filter), oil filter, hydrolic (oil cleaner triple-r), oil filter paper.

tax invoice payroll slip design and print services. paper forms continuous get label printing jobs labeling products. sticker printing bar code print design packaging boxes boxed corrugated box offset printing corrugated box packages for packaging such as boxes, desserts, boxes, fast food. supplements

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installed by a team of experienced technicians ready to sell screen printer spare parts consumables, water, printing ink complete sell ​​pad printer 4-color pad printer for screen printing, logo brand - marks. screen patterns and images on the surface of various materials such as plastic, ceramics, paper