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customers can consult and get suggestions about packaging design to be suitable with your products. we can produce epe foam as customer’s requirement.

team ready to go to the front desk to recommend the use of packaging equipment.

manufacturer of paper core for winding electrical tape - masking tape core spool, plastic straps and more production of paper core, winding yarn paper factory for corner angle, edge board / angle board / corner bar manufacturer and wholesaler of scene paper and wholesale of angle paper to be used for packaging

powder mixing machine with agitator blades of various shapes according to the nature of raw materials with food grade stainless steel material with various shape stirring blades according to the nature of raw materials for mixing powder mix in powdered supplements for use in capsules or for extruding


that have been accepted. and has been satisfying the quality of dietary supplements from consumers all over the country for a long time production of food supplements oem food supplement manufacturers complete production from consulting, removing formulas, researching, developing, selecting raw materials

Momentive Company Limited : Chemicals, Packaging and Materials for Industrial

distribution and production of food packaging various quality domestically produced and imported from abroad product type made from natural materials (biodegradable) eco-friendly spoon, fork, food box 1 compartment 2 compartments, glasses, straws, garbage bags made from natural materials, biodegradable

., ltd. is a center for second-hand tanks, used tanks, buy steel tanks, plastic tanks, cheap, sell new tanks, used tanks, new condition. and production of conditioning steel drum, iron drum and recycled steel drum and recycled packaging to be reused in a beautiful condition equivalent to a new hand 1

block-plate printing quality guaranteed installed by a team of experienced technicians ready to sell screen printer spare parts consumables, water, printing ink complete sell ​​pad printer 4-color pad printer for screen printing, logo brand - marks. screen patterns and images on the surface of various materials