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with full facilities. including banquet room, seminar room in renaissance bangkok ratchaprasong hotel, maneeya center building. maneeya center north is an office building for rent. office for rent office space for rent in the central business district of bangkok.

need a housekeeper to clean office maid office maid hospital cleaning maid nursing home maid shopping center cleaner central area cleaning housekeeper housekeeper at the car showroom a reliable housewife in an industrial factory want to clear the area and do the cleaning before building delivery - before

, hospitals, factories and warehouses as follows 192 units installed install a sliding ramp inside a retail store. 112 department stores installation of elevators in the office building and residential buildings 71 units.

buildings, office companies, shops, schools, hotels, factories, government agencies. cctv camera repair and also provides installation service automatic door key card door small jobs, big jobs, we accept them all. free consultation!

., Ø60 cm. suitable for construction work in narrow spaces building buildings. residential houses, building additions, factory additions add a house in a narrow area dry process bored pile service for bored piles of Ø35 cm., Ø40 cm., Ø50 cm., Ø60 cm. with depth up to 20 m. accepting the wet process bored

plants acts to reduce the humidity in the air more effectively, see the difference clearly. we have a team of expert engineers to design a centralized humidification system dsmc (dehumidifier system monitoring control), either a dehumidifier or a dehumidifier. and humidifier for industrial plants and buildings

electrical engineering design & installation system electrical installation rayong electric power office building high voltage & low voltage power supply (3 phases) rayong electric pipe installation, electric pipe installation, electric transformer, electric wire pipe, power line, electrical

structure single cage construction lift for convenient transportation of construction materials. transportation of roof tiles and labor technicians for renovation, repair or renovation work quickly, efficiently without affecting normal building use twin cage construction elevator, brands anka, baoda

accepting projector installation jobs in chonburi for every presentation to be interesting we are ready to install high quality projectors, casio projectors with a professional team, complete with electrical wiring and cables, ready to be used expertly about projectors directly in the calculation. choose