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with full facilities. including banquet room, seminar room in renaissance bangkok ratchaprasong hotel, maneeya center building. maneeya center north is an office building for rent. office for rent office space for rent in the central business district of bangkok.

40-50 large conference rooms   office, office, short-term rental, long-term if looking for a place to find a room for organizing meetings, organizing events

checking and repairing existing wastewater treatment system of resort hotel. project village office buildings, dormitories, hospitals, as well as industrial plants (service & maintenance), installation, modification, overhaul, overhaul, wastewater treatment back to work normally. the results of the

electrical engineering design & installation system electrical installation rayong electric power office building high voltage & low voltage power supply (3 phases) rayong electric pipe installation, electric pipe installation, electric transformer, electric wire pipe, power line, electrical

, balcony balcony with glass fall. toilet partition voram shower roomcontractors, ceiling, ceiling, tile, ceiling, ceiling, block, wall, light wall, gypsum board, ceiling office space, bedroom, dressing room, kitchen to repair old blemishes, old skin to make a new floor, phutthamonthon 1, suan pakkred

Office Building

Office Building

 one coil multiple evaporator air conditioning system for buildings, stores, office buildings 7-11 the system the daikin vrf-, the multi vrf-to mitsubishi, city, the toshiba vrf-smms  • install air conditioning plant small cabinet.

accepting projector installation jobs in chonburi for every presentation to be interesting we are ready to install high quality projectors, casio projectors with a professional team, complete with electrical wiring and cables, ready to be used expertly about projectors directly in the calculation. choose