Business Type

the factory produces sponge slippers and eva rubber sheets, including slip-on and clip-on sandals, fashion brand-name sandals. quality specification made to order production of shoes for export to foreign markets according to the order of the trading company and receive direct work from the brand owner

sung fresh egg company limited wholesale fresh chicken eggs from the farm, special price in front of the farm wholesale fresh chicken eggs delivered directly to food processing plants ready-made food factory, pastry factory, cake-bakery factory delivered directly to wholesale egg wholesalers at fresh markets

squares, night markets, parking lots, paved roads around the factory. ready for road marking work contractor to build roads for private and government sectors get reinforced concrete road construction, construction of khon khon korat road with v-rail, pouring concrete on the field. floor, rice-drying

wholesale frozen beef cubes frozen beef, thai market, wholesale price fresh beef from american brahman cattle.

various buildings such as village security condominium building apartment security guard office buildings, corporate offices, shopping centers, department stores trade fairs, retail stores, gold shops, parking lots, parking lots, amusement parks, warehouses industrial plant industrial estates, fresh markets

connected to sheets, insect protection, soundproofing, non-flammable, anti-static, help save energy antibacterial used to install to block the area. separate working areas, suitable for production lines in factories, clean rooms, logistics distribution centers, warehouses, fresh markets

quality, chonburi, professionally managed and serviced meet the needs and get the trust of the contractor engineers large leading construction project real estate project condominium construction build housing estate build residences, hotels, hospitals, government buildings, shopping centers, fresh markets food products company have many products which are 1.tonnum - dry mung bean vermicelli. this is premium grade. tonnum is contain high fiber and 0%non fat. there are 2 types which are bleached, and unbleached 2.nampu - fresh and dry mung bean vermicelli 3.syagonium

plastic bag factory, bang khun thian packaging, plastic bags, packaging, packaging, soft bags, plastic bags, laminated bags, envelopes, envelopes, envelopes for snacks, dried fruits, dry food, stationery produced by order. manufacturers wholesale bags, bags, markets, pe bags, pp hot bags, gravure printing