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, ramps, escalators, off-site by more than 20 years of elevator escalator, elevator, escalator, and elevator technicians and technicians.

Manufacture and sell all types of elevator and escalator including installation, modernization, repair and maintenance of elevators and escalators.

 parts such as escalators, automatic doors, lifts, floor lifts, ceiling lifts, hand railings, elevator buttons, elevator panels.  we have design engineers and experts calculate valuation advisory services. troubleshooting elevator repair of all brand lift.

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Kone is one of the world s leadinf elevator and escalator companies. It provides its customers with industry- leading elevators and escalators and innovative solutions for their mantenance and modernization.


ผลิตลิฟท์ บันไดเลี่อน ทางเลื่อน

ติดตั้งบันไดเลื่อน, ลิฟท์

Production of elevators, escalators, Moving walks, Stair life & platform Lift, Passenger Loarding bridges and Quality service for maintennance, repair and Modernisation for all major brands