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ventilation systems ventilation air conditioning system (ahu) exhaust air duct fresh air duct air supply air duct supply air duct piping system such as cold water pipes, chillers, chillers, chillers, chillers, air pollution system controls pollution, smoke, vapor, acid, chemical, wet scrubber

company profile bestaircooling limrted partnership are specialists in heating, ventilation, air conditioning and heat pump installation and servicing. we employ staff that include electrical, mechanical, heating and refrigeration engineers to provide a dedicated service to our customers. from our

we are a professional contractor for cutting, grooving, grooving, concrete, all projects of the project. drilling and cutting we have tools. steel scraper in concrete to find the right and safe place. in practice, we have a plan. to get quality work completed the target in time. on the basis of safety


install pabx telephone system, voip, lan setup, wifi internet audio visual system install air conditioning system inside the air conditioner hose. ahu air conditioning system integrated chillers include vrv, vrf installation of fire alarm system (emergency light) security cctv camera dome camera

And complete construction tools Construction of the model and design of precast concrete with castings, complete with installation, we accept the electrical system, water supply system, air conditioning, sanitation, security system. Design - Landscape construction and landscape consulting.