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metal cutting machine fong ho circular saw blade taiwan (circular cold saw machine) carbide saw blade (circular cold saw / cnc, nc high speed) for cutting metal, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, workpiece type, round rod, square shaft, oval shaft and round tube, square pipe, oval pipe

,ltd   supplies full range of non-ferrous alloys including brass (c2680 c2600 c2801), copper (c1100 c1220 c1221), phosphor bronze (c5191 c5210), stainless steel (sus301 sus304), carbon steel (sk-5, sk-7, sk85, sae1065) products. we have slitting and cut-to-length services to satisfy customers

., ltd. wholesale products. stainless steel wire mesh galvanized wire mesh brass wire mesh steel and stainless steel perforated sheet stainless steel wire engineering plastics, magallite, various industrial gaskets industrial radiator equipment and parts wholesale-retail steel sheet and stainless

brass, embedded graphite and bushes, steel coated with tape.

sjc is a factory that sells precast concrete products. the major tis standard quality of chonburi for building construction, road construction, civil construction, as well as providing precast concrete production according to the form and specification of the customer. made to order concrete products

somchai panich steel chanthaburi steel shop, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, power tools industrial tools selling products, equipment, tools, stanley, hardware, iron, factory consumables. for builders wrought iron awning window maker, factory mechanic, turner, diy equipment, makita, maktec, dewalt,

zinc plating plant, buffalo stall, samut sakhon, metal plating service, black zinc cr3+, rainbow zinc plating cr3+, white zinc plating cr3+, metal washing and metal coating (passivation) only in samut sakhon coating services for all types of workpieces, such as plating on steel, metal, brass, copper

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wholesale construction materials, hardware products, steel machines, screws, bolts, shipping throughout thailand.

, valqua gasket, jamewalker, gaskets, flanges industrial pipe gasket astm a105n, a182 solder joints, joints, joints, black joints. cast iron brass fittings stainless steel joints rayong plumbing fittings industrial rayong pipe fittings such as bolt, pipe, bolt, pipe, hanger, cabinet, hanging, tubes