Business Type

sources selling rod coupling, thread rod, jj fastener, hexagon anchors (sleeve anchor), lead anchors, explosive anchors, u-band , u-bolt (u-bolt), u-bolt steel and u-bolt stainless steel, j-bolt (j-bolt), al-bolt (l-bolt), clamped. strap u-bolt, zinc plated flat hose clamp, crocodile tooth clamp, cymbals

chimney stack of power plant , ceramic fiber blanket lining, launder of melting furnace, re-heating furnace, anchors welding, repair burner zone , burner boxes, brick laying , hot oil boiler burner, repair brick rotary kiln, castable lining, patching materials, lrunder, checker block, furnace , pretrochemical

, plastic anchors, rivets, rg-6 cable acrylic sealant hammer hitting the hairpin. pliers, forging from screwdrivers cutting blades and grinding wheels.

samut prakan zinc plating plant accepting metal plating work, zinc plating, cr3 alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating, cr3 white zinc plating, cr6 + blue zinc, rainbow white zinc cr3, cr6 + yellow passivate, black zinc plating cr3 + black zinc plating for bolts, screws, bolts, iron anchors and various

drilling works to insert steel adhesive anchor, chemical bolt plug for chemicals for hanging. electrical installation water supply system, sanitary system, fire system, building, etc. repair crack repair with epoxy injection and polyurethane resin injection.

and there is a car park rental service. daily - hourly, with a caretaker 24 hours a day screws, nuts, bolts, studs, anchors and plugs are sold in concrete. drill-tipped nails, concrete nails, wood nails, accelerator screws, skewers, bolts, pipe clamps, steel chains, steel chains, hooks number 7

we are a professional contractor for cutting, grooving, grooving, concrete, all projects of the project. drilling and cutting we have tools. steel scraper in concrete to find the right and safe place. in practice, we have a plan. to get quality work completed the target in time. on the basis of safety

selling hexagon head screws, cylindrical screws. unc, unf hexagon head screws, round head screws, square head screws, screws, mill screws, black and white screws, steel scene, chiang mai lamphun selling leads, stainless steel anchors, chemical anchors, butterfly anchors plastic butterfly collar selling

steel roofing sheet metal roof roof cover and metal sheet roof mounting material zinc large-small corrugation galvanized gutter clear roof sheet vinyl roof, vinyl gutter air blasting ball insulation: scg, g-roof selling hardware, construction tools construction equipment screws, bolts, anchors

items, construction work, used to make a crib under the tree, used to fish, used to make clothes. used in cattle interpreting wholesale pp rope is premium grade 4 mm. to 24 mm. durable. it can be used in agriculture and fishing, such as the rope used to wire ropes. shrimp ponds, used for fixing wooden anchors