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Stany Cut, printing with ready-to-cut Mounted on PP board or foam board, Ramkhamhaeng printing shop
Made to order Stany Cut Print with high quality machine and bring the cut to cut on the PP board (Future board) at 3 mm, 5 mm thickness or Foam Board at 5 m thickness M designed to be convenient to use Receiving both the sign and cut-off work Focus on strength Can be used for a variety of tasks Light weight makes it easy to move.

Standee signs are often seen using in storefront, billboards, seminars, press conferences, event organizers, booths, various products. As well as in the present, the popularity of standby in the form of a slave-girl Put on the front of the wedding Or can be given as a gift during special occasions such as graduation


Pimtawan Design and Silk has been trusted by customers of Robinson Department Store Public Company Limited, Thai Airways Public Company Limited and general customers. Both directly and as a supplier for offset printing plants Therefore ensuring the quality of our work

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