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Sulfuric Acid 50%, 98% กรดกำมะถัน

Product Category :  Chemical
Brand :  Giantleo
Product Keyword :  กรดกำมะถัน
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Product Name: Neutral Degreaser S-60

Product Description: A high-performance non-ionic surface active agents.
Product Description: Fat Remover Which consists of a high-performance solution and a non-ionic surfactant that produces less foam

Designed for use with: it is developed to effectively remove oil, grease, grease, dirt and dirt
Suitable for: designed to be able to wash the engine oil, animal oil, grease, wax, mineral oil and dirt effectively without damaging the surface

Grade: Industrial
Grade: Industrial

Physical Description: transparent colorless liquid
Appearance: clear colorless liquid

Country of Origin: Thailand
Production source: Thailand

Packaging: 20 kg.
Packing size: 20 kg

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