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Shirt size label - pants

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Shirt size label - pants

Retail shop - Wholesale, size label, shirt - pants, order design, site sign design, various types available, both premium grade, high quality And good quality work focusing on cheap

Selling equipment for sewing clothes, buttons, rope, zipper, elastic, waist fringe, hem fabric, woven site sign, website label, cheap rope printing, Pratunam district

TK shop, Pratunam size sign, open to trade buttons and accessories for all types of garment Is a shop that has been open for a long time Is the trust of many customers With the quality of the buttons that we select products And many cheaper prices

Want to contact the shop for the size label In Pratunam area: 02-252-0690, 02-254-5362, 095-290-5664, 082-419-6968

Please request for more details or contact our customer service for more information.