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Rayong Tape

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Rayong Tape
The official tape distributor of Phoenix Tape in Rayong. Clear-turbid tape, carton sealant, wrinkled tape, double-sided tape Masking tape for water There are all kinds of adhesive tapes. Supports packaging Industrial adhesive tape Wholesale cheap

Transparent box sealing tape and brown box sealing tape Wholesale price Figther Economical Carton Sealer, Red Phoenix Acrylic Adhesive Tape, Blue Phoenix, Black Phoenix High Volume Carton Sealer, Fox Phoenix High Carton Film Tape, Frozen Carton Sealer Green phoenix
Phoenix clear tape is a clear acrylic adhesive tape. For use in office and general stationery, Green Phoenix tape is a rubber adhesive tape for attaching a glossy surface.
Phoenix colored OPP tape with red, black, yellow, blue, green OPP tape for carton closing
The fancy Phoenix tape is beautiful to use to seal the packaging for various festivals. To increase product value
Phoenix vegetable strapping tape is used to wrap vegetables and fruits. Used as a bag tape. Does not leave a sticky residue. The tape material has high toughness.
Blue masking tape Phoenix Green Phoenix crepe paper tape for spray painting, width 3 mm. To 12.7 cm.
Kraft Tape Black Phoenix Kraft Tape Kraft Paper Tape Self-adhesive paper tape For general packing and kraft packing work. Green tape Highly resistant Phoenix
Phoenix brand cloth tape is manufactured from 70 mesh fabric with synthetic rubber adhesive. Phoenix cloth tape Has a strong adhesion for packaging, packing boxes, book covers, stationery
Blue Phoenix Aluminum Tape, Black Phoenix Aluminum Tape, Green Phoenix is ​​used for duct wrapping, air cooling systems, refrigerators, freezers.
Blue Phoenix double-sided adhesive tape, Blue Phoenix OPP double-sided adhesive tape, Blue Phoenix double-sided adhesive tape, Red Phoenix, double-sided adhesive tape. Green Phoenix double-sided adhesive tape has high adhesion strength.
Blue Phoenix brand double-sided tape is used to attach objects to the painted wall surface, Green Phoenix brand double-sided tape is very tough for uneven surfaces. Such as carpet work
Double sided foam tape, EVA white foam tape, EVA black tape, Norton tape. Thickness of 6 mm. For glass installation, fixing the glass before firing silicone.

NPP Production Supply Company Limited is a specialist in packaging paper box. A large scale in Rayong province, we understand the need for masking tape, masking tape to be used for sealing packages. Product packaging, closing the bag Gag box packaging In many industries Office Adhesive Tape and Office Adhesive Tape That has different uses Along with advice on the use of each type of tape to suit the job

Adhesive tape delivery service, express tape in Pluak Daeng Industrial Estate Industrial estate Amata, Eastern Seaboard, Hemaraj, Ban Chang, Asia, Map Ta Phut, Siam Eastern Industrial Park, Laem Chabang, Pinthong, Ban Bueng Yamato Industry, Hemaraj Industrial Estate, Chonburi, Rayong, Chonburi, Chanthaburi, Chachoengsao, Samut Prakan, Eastern Region

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