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Line painting system

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The company has installed the spraying line system. Accepting advice on adding spraying lines, providing services, surveying, calculating, designing, constructing and installing industrial spray painting systems. Industrial paint drying system Install the spray booth Line system for spraying dust and water color belt Paint spray booth with water curtain, dust and vapor protection system, thinner To the installation of automation systems Robotic Auto Robotic Painting system with the installation of a line of drying oven, color drying room

We have experts Listen to the requirements and advise, design, build, install the industrial spraying system. Both Powder Coating Production Line & Equipment or Powder Paint, Baking Paint and Spray Paint Paint Production Line & equipment including complete after-sales service We are behind the success of Finishing, metal work pieces, wood work, tiles and plastic parts that have been painted in beautiful colors to add value. Generate profit for the business Industrial factories both in industrial estates and distributed in each province throughout Thailand

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