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Desktop banknote counter

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Bill Counter NT3000

The counting speed is 800-1100 copies per minute.
Counting and displaying the value and checking banknotes with the 2CIS / IR / UV / MG system.
With a new mode, Ver can separate the banknote models.
TFT color touch screen showing detailed counting results
Counter with banknote detection, desk type, rear loading

Counter with banknote detection, automatic system, table type The Friction Feed System is a rear loading system designed for Thai banknotes. Count the value form You can count money orders, tickets, coupons and checks with precision.

Can count and detect counterfeit banknotes Also check the double / broken bills. Infrared system, check the fluorescent letter fibers too. ultraviolet (Ultraviolet) and check metal strips with a magnetic stripe system, check the value of banknotes with the Double CIS (2 CIS) system.

Able to set the counting mode in both the total currency counting mode, with the value display (Mix Mode), accumulating count (Addition Mode) up to 9999 and counting as needed as a batch (Batch Mode), 1 - 200 independent and automatic 10, 20, 25, 50, 100 can separate only the same type of banknote (Single Mode)

The display is a large digital TFT touch screen. For displaying 4 digits (9999) and displaying 6 digit banknote value (999999)

There is a warning message of crashes and errors that occurred during counting (Error Message).

Suitable for: banks, post offices, exchange offices, shopping centers, medium and large retail stores, casinos, etc.


The speed of counting 800-1,100 copies per minute.
300 banknotes pocket
200 notes
Rear Loading System (Rear Loading System)
Friction Feed System
Banknote size (width x length) 50 x 120 mm. To 85 x 182 mm.
Banknote thickness 0.075 ~ 0.15 mm.
Currency 1. Thai Baht (THB)
2. US Dollar (USD)
3.Euro (EUR)
4. Chinese Yuan (CNY)
5. Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
6. Kip (LAK)
Display 4-digit counting result
Display 6-digit value
Counting mode 1. Total count with display value (Mix Mode)
2.Collect count (Addition Mode) 9999
3. Count as needed as a set (Batch Mode) 1 - 200
Sorting Mode 1. Only the same type (Single Mode)

2. Separate the model, production year of the banknote (Ver.)

Checking system 1. Banknotes adjacent, torn or folded in half (IR: Infrared System)
2.Fibers, fluorescent letters (UV: Ultraviolet Light)
3.Metal strip (MG: Magnetic)
4. Banknote value (2CIS)
Automatic repeat system (Repeat Mode)
Machine dimensions (Width x Depth x Height) 258 x 340 × 202 mm.
Weight 6 kg
Power consumption 100 ~ 240 V 50/60 Hz AC / DC
Power consumption 50 W
Ambient temperature 0 ~ 40 ° C
Relative humidity 40 ~ 90%

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