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Bank note counting machine used

Brand :  Bill counter
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Banknote counter The bank uses a Bill Counter AFT-1209 Banknote Counter (Vacuum Feed System).

100 standard speed per 4 seconds, adjustable in 4 levels
Continuous count, cumulative count, batch count and 100 check modes can be set.
Comes with a banknote value calculation system
Card counter, floor type, vacuum air suction (Vacuum System)

The automatic banknote counter, floor type, vacuum air system (Vacuum System) has high accuracy in counting and checking banknotes, convenient, safe and efficient. There is no noise disturbing others while working. Product from india Counting mode can be set in both independent counting mode (Free Mode), continuous count (Addition Mode) maximum 99999, counting mode as needed (Batch Mode) 1-200 and counting system 100 (Check Mode) control panel has a screen. LED display of 5-digit counting results and 3-digit countdown display clearly even when used outdoors with a Restart button, easy to use. The machine is made of good quality steel for strength and durability, users can use the device while sitting comfortably. There is a warning message of crashes and errors that occurred during counting (Error Message).

Suitable for: banks, post offices, exchange offices, shopping centers, medium and large retail stores, casinos, etc.


The speed of counting 1,500 copies per minute.
Or 100 messages per 4 seconds
200 banknote slots
Banknote feeding system Vacuum suction wind (Vacuum System)
The size of the banknote (width x length) 90 ~ 250 mm. To 45 ~ 185 mm.
Banknote thickness 0.05 - 0.2 mm.
All currencies around the world
7-digit counting result display
Display the result of setting the number of 3 digits.
Counting Mode 1. 100 checks (Check Mode)
2. Count continuously (Count Mode) 1-220 issues
3. Continuous count (Addition Mode) 99999
4. Count as needed as a set (Batch Mode) 1 - 220
UV detection system
Automatic repeat system (Repeat Mode)
Machine dimensions (width x depth x height) 330 x 280 x 780 (box included)
Weight 22.5 kg
Power consumption 100 ~ 240 V 50/60 Hz AC / DC
Power consumption 400 W
Ambient temperature 0 ~ 50 ° C
Relative humidity 10 ~ 75%

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