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Green House Green House Nonthaburi
Plastic for nursery Greenhouse Mushroom house Animal house And the light bulb that needs less light. High quality plastic (PE) contains 3% UV, 5%, 7%

Plastic cover With features

Can light through properly.
Can control temperature and humidity.
Can control diseases and insects. This reduces the use of insecticides.
Help prevent damage caused by rain. Can reduce the restrictions on planting during rainy season.
Allows control of the use of pesticides / insecticides. Be effective under closed environment.
To facilitate the harvest. I do not know.

Agricultural plastics sales company Non-Buri Pipe (LDPE, HDPE) Drip Tape Water Tape (Shade Net) Mulching Film Plastic House Green House Plastic Pond And PVC Tray Co., Ltd. Good quality from abroad, which is manufactured with quality plastic and modern machinery.

Looking for agricultural products, plastic greenhouse, plastic house cover Nonthaburi PVT & T PLAST CO., LTD.
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