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Pvc reflective strip

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PVC pvc reflector for stitching Wanted to see clearly at night. When light hits
Reflective strip shop pvc for stitching dresses - pants Wanted to see clearly at night. When interacting with light gray reflective fabric from Japan, lime gray with gray reflective strip. Use sewing clothes, fire suit, traffic suit, sweeping staff For safety

View shopping cart pvc reflective area in Tha Phra Commercial Road, Thonburi. At Soi Charansanitwong 13, on the left hand side between Soi Thonburi 7 and Soi 9.

We have delivery service Kiwalite express reflector Express in Bangkok Yai Bangkok Thonburi Bangkok Phra Nakhon Thonburi

Pvc shop
Location: 177 Thonburi Commercial Wat Tha Phra Bangkok Yai Bangkok 10600
Phone number: 02-866-9934-5, 02-864-2902

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